Bsc games are the more infamous false positives of antivirus programs.
Just quit the antivirus while downloading or running them.

On 8/5/17, Shaun Everiss <> wrote:
> Sadly some bgt and other software packages are identified as viruses I
> have had to exclude a lot of them from my av software.
> You know I am seriously once I get my system have a directory for
> classic games and a directory for stuff I know are not viruses and have
> that excluded till I know I am sure I want them baah!
> On 5/08/2017 11:09 a.m., Ron Kolesar wrote:
>> Hello to all and especially to John.
>> I just got off of the phone with the Microsoft Disability hotline.
>> I tried to down load a few games from the BSC archives.
>> The MS operator installed malware bytes and between malware and
>> windows defender found all kinds of viruses.
>> Of course, the link I'm talking about is as follows:
>> To let my fellow gamers know, MS tech support took down the link to
>> play with.
>> Who is the owner of the web page for all of the games?
>> May I ship ms tech support their contact info so that we can iron out
>> the viruses in the web page so that we can continues to enjoy our old
>> golden oldies favorite hand to ear windows games.
>> I write this letter so that no one else has several several viruses on
>> their pc like we found on my pc tonight by attempting to down load the
>> old BSC games.
>> Many Thanks.
>> Ron Kolesar.
>> .

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