Hi John,
The only game I have ever had real issues with is the Classic Pipe, which seems 
to have had a trojan since around about 2008. Unfortunately, all copies since 
then seem to have had the same virus. I first discovered it on my ex-wife’s 
computer when she was having very severe issues with it – after uninstalling 
Pipe, the only source of a virus on that machine, the issues disappeared, which 
leads me to believe that was unfortunately a “genuine”, for want of a better 
word, malware issue.

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Subject: Re: [blind-gamers] The following link has bugs in it.

I will have access to a windows 10 machine in the next couple days, and will be 
installing and testing the BSC games on it.
Since this is a repeat issue that won't seem to die, I'll be posting my 
findings here, and probably adding some details to the page on agarchive.net.

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How do you disable windows defender so that individuals can install these games 
that it keeps saying is a virus but is not? If someone could please walk me 
through the steps of that that would be awesome.

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On Aug 5, 2017, at 12:06 PM, Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1...@gmail.com> wrote:

  if you use windows10 it has built in antivirus and also make sure to keep all 
web browsers updated. 

  On 8/5/2017 11:47 AM, Jack Falejjczyk wrote:

And this is why I just don't use antivirus whatsoever. But I will
admit being on a virtual machine adds a bit of protection to a degree,
in terms of no catastrophic damage would occur if I was hit by a real
virus, but the solution to that is obviously to just be careful what
you download, and never use download sites such as download.com and
always download software from the developer's website if you can. But
back on topic, the antivirus can claim it to be a virus all it wants,
but you have nothing to worry about. Your system is safe.

On 8/5/17, john mailto:jpcarnemo...@gmail.com wrote:
BSC (and several other accessible titles) have had this issue for years.
It is extremely well known in the audiogaming community. They are *not*

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Hello to all and especially to John.
I just got off of the phone with the Microsoft Disability hotline.
I tried to down load a few games from the BSC archives.
The MS operator installed malware bytes and between malware and windows
defender found all kinds of viruses.
Of course, the link I'm talking about is as follows:
To let my fellow gamers know, MS tech support took down the link to play
Who is the owner of the web page for all of the games?
May I ship ms tech support their contact info so that we can iron out the
viruses in the web page so that we can continues to enjoy our old golden
oldies favorite hand to ear windows games.
I write this letter so that no one else has several several viruses on
pc like we found on my pc tonight by attempting to down load the old BSC
I deeply would appreciate it if the web page owner would write me back at
Many Many Thanks.
Ron Kolesar who's a fellow gamer.
Many Thanks.

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