Yeah he really pushed for linux.

It even got me talking with a friend who is a kde and kubuntu user on his server and desktop and believes windows is a crappy os.

I wish I could share his optimism.

What got me interested though was that tom was thinking of writing his linux distribution either that or some sort of universal os which could run just about everything.

I know he had some family issues but he was one of the first open devs out there.

He sholdered all the james north stuff mainly mota and raceway even though he knew things were looking bad he was keen to try his best to make it go.

Now though thats all in limbo.

He was closed to releasing another version of his trek game.

He had another engine in the works.

I do wander if any of his stuff was kept or where it is now, chances someone could continue it or at least release what is there.

On 5/02/2018 8:16 a.m., Jack Falejjczyk wrote:
Tom Ward was a well known developer of the games like the Tomb Hunter
games, Star Trek Final Conflict, stuff like that, under the name USA
Games. In addition of these quality games he was one of the moderators
of this list as well as a very knowledgeable Linux expert, indeed one
of the few in this community who advocated using Linux as a daily
driver, pushing that movement forward as it were. Among other things,
that's what he's notably remembered for, as well as being a
well-respected person in general.

On 2/4/18, Александр Епанешников <> wrote:
sorry. I'm new here. judging by your words it was a good man. can you tell
who he is in more detail?

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