Hello Nick,
   This is a great idea. I would be greatly interested.
Stan B

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Hi All.
Thank you all for the ideas on and off list.
It looks like Sims are very popular and I’ve got a great list of ideas you’ve 
all suggested so thank you for your time.

The idea that has captured my imagination, as you can see below, is a city 
building simulator. I’ve been letting my mind run wild a bit and have pulled 
together an idea of what I’m thinking. It’s potentially quite a big project so 
don’t expect anything in the next month or so, <grins> Also at this moment in 
time this has captured my imagination and I’m quite enthusiastic about it 
however I’ve got a folder of projects sitting on my computer that I’ve started 
and didn’t really go anywhere. I’m hoping this won’t be another one of these. 
But I don’t believe in miss leading people so consider the below a set of ideas 
which “could” turn in to a game, there’s no promises.

Take a look at the brain dump below. This isn’t a complete set of features I 
think the game may have, it just some ideas I’ve had as I’ve been reading the 
various replies I received. Are there additional things you’d like to add to 
the wish list? Again, no promises that any of the below or any ideas will make 
the final cut but if we’re thinking big then why not add things. It’s much 
easier to add ideas in at the design stage rather than trying to squeeze them 
in at a later date.

So my ideas:
You start in an empty field. Your task is to take your empty field and turn it 
in to a city. The main scoring mechanism is the population of your city.
The terrain of your city plot will be randomly generated. Somewhere on the 
field will be an interstate/motorway which you need to connect your road system 
to for contact with the outside world. There may also be a river, lake, 
mountains, sea shore, national railway link, natural resources such as coal, 
iron, copper, gold, stone, ETC. 
The environment will be randomly set at the start. This will include factors 
like average yearly temperature, rain fall, wind.

Game play.
I was thinking 2 modes of game play. A city planner part where all of the money 
stuff is managed for you and it’s all about laying out your city and designing 
the environment. In this mode every time you build a road it'll automatically 
include the utility supply systems. The idea is that this mode is more casual.
The second mode is city mayor where all of the below is up to you. More complex 
but allows for more interesting game play.
You'll be able to move around your plot of land in a 3d sound environment, 
similar to how you did in Park Boss. Depending on what players think a future 
update may include the ability to drive around the city.
Most spoken text will be done using screen reader/tts however there'll be a 
spoken guide that is able to give context sensitive hints, this is the help 
I'm planning that there will be basic textual information on screen. 
Interaction will be via keyboard or game controller.
You'll be able to build multiple cities at one time and the mode, planner or 
mayor, will be set on a per city basis.
In a future version you may even be able to tour other player’s cities.

For water supply, power, telephone/internet service, natural gas, water 
purification, ETC., you start out by getting this from the national grid. Each 
will have a cost associated with the supply of the utility. You will be able to 
build industrial facilities for all possible utilities which can reduce the 
need for the national grid. There will be different types of industrial units 
you can build. For instance, for power you could build different types of power 
plant, nuclear, coal, gas, wind, hydro, sola. Each will have an associated cost 
for building and then ongoing generation. You’ll be able to sell services back 
to the national grid to make money. You’ll also be able to sell your services 
back to other real world players using some sort of online being and selling 
system. You’ll be able to set your prices and undercut other players and the 
national grid. When building your city you’ll need to build supply lines for 
the utilities to the development in your city.

Your city will be linked using various transportation systems. Roads, Metro 
train system, busses, cycle and walking paths, ETC. you’ll be able to Control 
schedules and routes for busses and trains. Roads will be different types from 
major high ways to more suburban routes. You’ll be able to place gas stations 
and be able to select the mix of gasoline to electric charge points.

The main point will be building. There’ll be industrial buildings, factories, 
farms, offices, ETC. basically most of your population are employed at the 
industrial buildings, these will be privately run and once built you won't need 
to manage each industrial building. There'll be city facilities, schools, 
garbage collection, city hall, leisure centres, parks, police, fire service, 
ambulance, hospitals, ETC., which will have employees who you'll have to pay.
There'll be houses, shops, entertainment areas, universities, libraries for 
your residents to live and use. Each building will have various options to do 
with quality or size. There’ll be a building and maintenance cost associated 
with each as well as a time to construct. It'll be a major part of the game to 
balance the cost of things against the desirability and how attractive it makes 
your city to its residents. For instance cost of living will need to be 
balanced against the pollution in the environment.
Average house prices will be monitored and you'll need to balance the types of 
housing and ensure enough capacity of city facilities for the population you've 
got. You’ll also need to ensure that the housing matches the types of workers 
you’re employing. For example if your building a very industrial town you may 
want to keep your house prices down to allow those that work in the industrial 
areas to be able to afford housing.

You’ll be able to set taxes like a residence tax, sales tax, and business 
rates. You'll be able to sell utility services to other players. Fundamentally 
the game is about city planning and balancing the books. You’ll be able to 
build buildings that are for national services like prisons, waste processing 
facilities, military bases, ports, financial services and sell their services 
back to the government.
If your trying to build a particular type of city you'll be able to set tax 
rates for particular sectors, for instance if you get a map which includes a 
sea shore you could build a doc, give low business rates to shipping companies 
and try to become a national shipping hub.

Depending on the type of train that gets generated for your city it may lend 
its self to a tourist industry and you'll be able to build buildings that 
encourages tourism, again this could be encouraged using the business rates and 
infrastructure projects like airports.

There'll be some kind of random event system, you get chosen to host a sporting 
event, there's a severe winter so building has been slower. Similar to how 
there was in Park Boss but with less severe consequences. I used this system to 
really drive park boss, I don't see this as being the big driver for city boss.

City Monitoring.
Basic information such as population level, city monthly income and outgoings 
ETC. will be available but you'll be able to drill down in to the numbers, 
employment rates, cost of living, and amount of commercial premises which is 
unoccupied, and so on.

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