Nethack has a configuration file for accessibility included in its package and it's an alternate file so needs copying over the default file. I've never had braille equipment to play nethack and have always done with speech even as far back as the dos versions before dos 7 came out. Once you get the stuff done in the accessibility configuration there's no problem. Understand, it all becomes ascii so you do have to learn your mapping characters to be able to play.

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What is the access like in Nethack these days?

Last I chcked it was like all rogluelikes, ie, virtually unplayable without a braille display, and only playable with lots of trouble with one, is that still the case?

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I just got that running on my system last night and was really surprised since I let the game generate a character for me which was a tourist. What surprised me was the pet I got, it turned out to be a baby crocodile. Available pets in nethack to start are dogs cats and little horses. It's possible to tame others later in the game but those other pets aren't usually worth the trouble it takes to get that done. There's supposed to be other levels on unnethack additional to those in nethack too, but my character got killed on the entry level so I never found any of them yet.



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