Hi Dirk,

> in the general tab of a virtual site I get the following error at the top of 
> the page
> ---
> A PHP Error was encountered
> Severity: Notice
> Message: Undefined variable: access_ipv6
> Filename: controllers/vsiteMod.php
> Line Number: 431
> ---
> I did check two servers. In both the message orrures. 
> I did restart cced and admserv -> no change.

I just looked at the code for that page and I can see where $access_ipv6
is getting defined, so it should definitely be set once you get to line
431. Likewise: None of my various production and test servers (all of
which have the update) is exhibiting that problem.

So ... I need more info. Is this happening for user "admin", a
"reseller"-account or a siteAdmin?

If it's happing for "admin", then it would *really* be helpful if you
could file a support ticked via the GUI and tick the checkbox "allow
access", so that I could take a quick look at the specific conditions on
your box that cause the issue.

With best regards

Michael Stauber
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