Hi Andreas,

On 29/10/17 12:37, Andreas Mantke wrote:
> Am 29.10.2017 um 13:02 schrieb K-J LibreOffice:
>> The announcement of the elections was done by the
>> current chair of the membership committee.

        Of course, I'm interested in an ideal process - but I'm more interested
in a good outcome here.

        Is there anything in that announcement that particularly worries you
and/or that shows any sort of bias or somesuch ? I imagine that this is
substantially a boiler-plate mail - presumably re-used from the last one
that we sent out two years ago - it doesn't end: "Vote for Cor!" I am
assuming (not that I read it carefully ;-)

        ie. this is a pure theoretical process purity issue, not any real
concern ?

>> I asked Cor to make his candidacy as early as possible so that the MC
>> has the ability to react. Cor makes this in a fine way (for me) as he
>> didn't wait too long.

        Good =) so - we are transparent; I guess I'd leave the rest for the
electorate - assuming that Cor is indeed recused from further any MC
role until after the elections are concluded.

> I think we talk about different things here. I tried to explain that in
> my opinion someone who was elected for two years and didn't explain his
> electors in front of his election that he wouldn't serve for two years,
> but only for one or a bit more years,

        It is always an option I think for MC members; traditionally it has
been a good place to serve, and get to know how TDF works to move on to
the board from. IIRC several people did that. It is clear that when you
elect someone, they may resign from post for all manner of reasons - I
can't think of a better reason than coming to serve on the board.

        Having said that - in general, it is clearly better for most of the MC
to serve a full term so we have continuity in the MC. FWIW - I was
rather in favor of 1 year terms for both BoD & MC in the 1st instance
which would make this rather less of a problem (IMHO).

> He needs to explain, why he'll not serve the whole period and
> /or if there is an emergency to apply for another body.

        I imagine Cor's candidacy statement will explain that sort of thing. It
seems pretty clear to me that if the electorate share your lack of
happiness with that, they have a free and anonymous vote to express that
with - which will (I assume) result in Cor staying in the MC.
Traditionally I'm not so sure that they've minded.



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