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Am 30.10.2017 um 14:34 schrieb Thorsten Behrens:
> Hi Michael, Andreas, *
> letting the rest of the discussion stand for the moment - this much:
> Michael Meeks wrote:
>>      Having said that - in general, it is clearly better for most of the MC
>> to serve a full term so we have continuity in the MC. FWIW - I was
>> rather in favor of 1 year terms for both BoD & MC in the 1st instance
>> which would make this rather less of a problem (IMHO).
> There's a technical problem here, in that board and MC run each
> other's election - so you cannot have them elected both at the same
> time I guess. Which in turn means there's always the issue of people
> wanting to stand for the other body, to not be able to serve their
> full term - regardless of term lengths.

maybe it would have helped a bit, if the election period of the MC ends
in the middle of the election period of the board.

> I don't personally consider people from the MC standing for the board
> to be a large issue - if this is not becoming a habit. Since there's a
> hard problem for TDF, at the very least, should the size of the MC
> shrink below the required number of officers (which is 3, as per
> https://www.documentfoundation.org/statutes.pdf §12, 3).

The number of remaining active members of the MC is one issue. The other
one is the role of the MC in connection to the board (and the other way
around). The tasks (and power) of the MC are written in § 12 I of the
statutes. The statutes foresee that the MC act as independent as
possible from the board (and the other way around too). Thus the people
acting on both bodies shouldn't have immunity of witness because of a or
economic dependence to a member of the the other body.

And a personal view at the end: I think it would be too bad to have a
longer break before one get elected for another body.

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