On 7/21/2017 5:47 AM, Bernd Machenschalk wrote:

This might be one of the fundamental (pun intended) misunderstandings here. It is the opposite of everything I ever heard or read, and I think I know why:

How can one (expect to) fork a 'stable' branch from an 'unstable' one? How can one grow a tree (of branches) from an unstable foundation and expect it to be stable?
It's simple:

1) fork master, e.g. to client_release_xxx.  It's not stable at this point.
2) test client_release_xxx (e.g. using Alpha testers) fix bugs, repeat. Now it's stable.
3) only backport bug fixes to client_release_xxx.  It remains stable.

We've always used this approach for the client, and it's worked perfectly.
We can use the same approach for server if we create
a distributed testing system based on Beta projects (analogous to the client 
Alpha test)

-- David
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