Hi David,

I have been looking in old emails where you asked the community to take on
the role of release manager, and other than a glancing blow in the "Old
version of VirtualBox with the Windows Downloads" thread in boinc_projects,
I cannot find any reference to you asking the community - whichever of the
two - to take over.

In any case, the volunteer community on whose computers BOINC runs do not
read the boinc_projects email list, nor any other email list.
They hardly even read the forums, or the news on BOINC's front page.
But you may be able to reach them via the Notices tab, as Eric found out
when he put the Free Speech post in Seti's News forum. You will at least
need to be in a place where the volunteer community resides for them to be
able to decide if they want to help out or not. They're not going to see it
if it all happens in long running threads on other subjects on - for them -
rather obscure email lists.

Else it'll be the same (small) group of developers, project engineers and
others that read here and they needed to have read the correct thread to
have seen your call.


-- Jord van der Elst.

On Sun, Aug 13, 2017 at 1:15 AM, David Anderson <da...@ssl.berkeley.edu>

> Because as of now I'm the release manager for the client:
> https://boinc.berkeley.edu/trac/wiki/AdminRoles
> I've solicited volunteers to fill this role but no one has offered.
> -- David
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