pbroughton wrote: 
> On a whim I bought two of these, arrived today.  
> They seem exact, the 'new' ones the exact same size and height, EXCEPT: 
> when measuring for my last post, to compare to what BobHy stated, I was
> measuring the height to the rim of the speaker housing, not including
> the added height of the Surround.  (My speaker had the surround removed,
> awaiting a new one.....).  So this is where the 'confusion' might have
> come in, as when you add the small amount of the added height of the
> surround, the 6.3 seems correct. 
> But, the metal frame/housing seems/measures exactly, the Logitech
> sticker has the part number correct, and the construction materials seem
> exactly the same.
> phil

So these ebay speakers should be a drop in replacement?  I haven't used
my Boom since the woofer damage developed on my player and since I am
not super handy I was not confident in attempting any of the other
repair techniques described in these forums.  I guess it could be easier
if these are the exact same speakers right?

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