Title: Re: Back in the saddle again.
Hello Herman,

Sunday, October 16, 2016, 11:35:34 AM, you wrote:

The internet blocked me from falling down that rabbit hole. At least this weekend...

Clearly the single dosing grinder market is heating up. It's quite likely there will be others coming along in the next year, likely at higher and lower price points. There is the Baratza Sette coming out soon that is getting really good press for use as an espresso grinder, possibly better than the high end grinders for those just looking for a really good espresso or cappuccino from a traditional roast and not chasing the 3rd wave attraction with lightly roasted single origins. When I saw one taken apart at SCAA in Atlanta, I was impressed with the design, apparent stability and repeatability of the grind adjustment and speed of grinding.  It's really clever design and while it's still in preproduction limited release and having it's final details worked out, the people I know who are using it have almost all had very positive things to say about it as an espresso grinder. Including the comment from someone who can usually be trusted that he thought it might be the best entry level grinder ever. Very forgiving as to setting, zero grounds retention, easy to adjust.  But it's noisy, it was the one and only thing I hated about it. It uses a high speed DC gear reduction motor, and I hated the sound, but it's good enough and fast enough that probably won't be a problem for most people.

-- Ira

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