> jt,
I think you had the same symptoms I see, but a different cause.
I opened the Brewtus. No visible kinks in tubes coming out of OPV. Just to 
be sure, I rerouted those tubes so they were clear of wires. 
My brew pressure with a blank portafilter in is 9.8. I can't adjust it. The 
screw in the OPV is frozen.
I checked all electrical connections.

I brewed a shot and the pressure oscillated.

I then went and did the flow test in the video you sent.
With a blank portafilter, the flow starts and then stops. Just like in 
But, the flow does not start up again. Different than video.

I suspect that either the tube is clogged and I can't see it. Or, the pump 
is starting to fail.
I did order a new pump assembly a few days ago on general principals.
When I receive it, I will call WLL and check the symptoms with them.

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