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> Hello fellow brinellers and Dr Brin.
> I'm mindful that co-listees with Culturelist will know that the bushfires
> in Victoria are VERY close to home for me and my wife. For the rest of you:
> Claire has been working in the Major Incident Room at Victoria Police during
> the bushfire crisis, and she's seeing and hearing stuff far worse than makes
> the public media. So much so that my wife really doesn't need to see stuff
> about the bushfires on social email lists.

As you may know, I do a lot of volunteer work helping first responders cope
with high-stress incidents - and this absolutely is one (or many).  I'm
curious what your wife's role is... but I mostly want to acknowledge that it
is a really good idea to minimize re-exposure to the news, discussion and
such.  I almost never watch TV news, partly because it is too much like
entertainment and partly because I end up dealing in real life with the
stuff they report on.

I know that CISM - Critical Incident Stress Management - is practiced in
Australia.  I hope that your wife has ample opportunities to de-mobilize,
defuse and debrief about all that has happened.  Please know that our Bay
Area CISM team is thinking of all the first responders in your country.


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