On 19/02/2009, at 4:54 AM, David Brin wrote:

Charlie, you are all in our hope and prayers. A year ago, my kids were volunteering at shelters during the San Diego fires and my eldest and I helped staff a National Guard checkpoint. But we experienced nothing even remotely like what you describe. The "Australian Method" of building homes to resist fire and "shelter in place" worked well, where it was tried. But You lot have experienced its limits.

Yes - it was totally unprecedented - the fire index here was set so 100 on the scale was the worst fire conditions the state experienced back in 1939. On 7th Feb 2009, the index was at 150 - 200 across Victoria. Nuts.

I just removed one Eucalyptus tree and more will go. They are just too dangerous.

Yeah, and if they're not on fire, they're dropping branches on you - there are a couple of varieties in Australia that are known as "Widowmakers". One or two can be spectacular in a landscaped garden. A stand of them can be a liability in a fire-prone area as you point out.

Enjoy your horticultural remodelling, and thanks for the good wishes.



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