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>I have successfully installed brltty on my raspberry pi with arch linux arm
>through the official brltty package for arch linux arm. For some reason,
>espeak isn't working on arch linux arm, but espeak-ng does. But for some
>other reason, espeak-ng isn't working together with brltty. I have uncomment
>the line in brltty which enables espeak-ng and set autospeak to yes, but I'm
>still not hearing any sound. I've tested espeak-ng and it works if I run it
>from the command line, both as user and root.

Brltty does work with eSpeak-NG. Could you please post your brltty.conf so that
we can have a look at it? You can directly test it by running brltty with the
-sen command line option.

It could be that the brltty you're using doesn't include the eSpeak-NG driver.
The output of brltty -v should show which drivers it contains.

>Any suggestions how to proceed? I can build brltty from source if someone
>just tells me how to configure it so it includes espeak-ng. 

The "trick" is to ensure that you have eSpeak-NG's development package

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