jao <j...@gnu.org> writes:

> Please find attached a patch that updates mixal-mode.el with latest
> changes in GNU MDK.  I should have papers in place for emacs.

Thanks!  The patch looks good to me.

I can only see one previous commit from you (marked
"Copyright-paperwork-exempt") in the git log, so I'll wait for someone
with access to verify the copyright status.  (OTOH, maybe it doesn't
matter since these changes are already assigned to the FSF via GNU MDK?)

> Do you think it'd be better if i just dropped that file from MDK's
> tarball and maintain it by submitting patches here instead?

I guess it depends on if your users can wait for the changes until the
next major Emacs release, or if you feel that it would be beneficial to
get the changes out there earlier than that.  Orthogonally, one could
perhaps consider if this should be distributed as a GNU ELPA package.

In all cases, it would be very helpful if you could submit patches here
when there are any changes.

> Thanks a lot!

Thanks for handling this very promptly!

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