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On Fri, Oct 16 2020, Stefan Kangas wrote:

> jao <j...@gnu.org> writes:
>> Please find attached a patch that updates mixal-mode.el with latest
>> changes in GNU MDK.  I should have papers in place for emacs.
> Thanks!  The patch looks good to me.


> I can only see one previous commit from you (marked
> "Copyright-paperwork-exempt") in the git log, so I'll wait for someone
> with access to verify the copyright status.  (OTOH, maybe it doesn't
> matter since these changes are already assigned to the FSF via GNU MDK?)

I do have access to fencepost and to the copyright file (sorry for being
lazy!).  Just checked, and i'm on file for "GUILE" and for 
"EMACS EMMS"... i am pretty sure that means EMACS /and/ EMMS, so i think
we're fine :)

>> Do you think it'd be better if i just dropped that file from MDK's
>> tarball and maintain it by submitting patches here instead?
> I guess it depends on if your users can wait for the changes until the
> next major Emacs release, or if you feel that it would be beneficial to
> get the changes out there earlier than that.  Orthogonally, one could
> perhaps consider if this should be distributed as a GNU ELPA package.

We release less frequently than Emacs, so i am guessing users (all three
of them!) will be fine either way.  On practical terms, GNU ELPA would
be my less preferred option, since it'd add yet another repo/project to

> In all cases, it would be very helpful if you could submit patches here
> when there are any changes.

Yes, that's no problem.  I am not the original author of the mode, so
back in the day I didn't pay attention, but my elisp skills have
improved enough in the intervening 20 years and i'm happy to take care
of it now :)

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