jao <j...@gnu.org> writes:

>> Thanks!  Should you want to make it more official, feel free to send a
>> patch to update the "Maintainer" field with your name and email address.
> Sure, patch attached.

Excellent!  Pushed to master as commit 20728195b6.

>> BTW, we are trying to push to convert code to use the new lexical scope.
>> If you find some time, it would be great if you could test the attached
>> patch that enables it for mixal-mode.el.  (It would be hard for me to
>> verify that it works since I don't use GNU MDK myself.)
> I've played with it a bit and there's no obvious problem with the switch
> (this is just a mode for an assembly-like language without fancy
> stuff).  Please feel free to install the patch.

Thanks for testing; pushed to master as commit 3b5a43f3d7.

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