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--- Comment #10 from Reindl Harald <> ---
httpd has a completly split brain here

Apache Environment from phpinfo():

focus on the "HTTPS" which is corrent versus wrong "SERVER_PORT" and
"REQUEST_SCHEME" - thi smakes it possible to put some hacks in php-libraries
and overwrite it so that most scripts behave correctly

but you can't hack the wrong redirect to http:// when one tries to access a
folder without the trailing slash because that redirect is done by httpd itself
and fianlyl you have a *real probem* in your client becasue proper sent cookies
with secure-Flags are gone, logins don#t work, you don't realize that you
unintenionally switched to unecnrypted and that leads to support calls for
every single vhost which get mirgated to dual-stack and letsencrypt

you *clearly* know the fact it's https, so REQUEST_SCHEME is easily to fix and
you know the incoming port from the network layer - frankly there is no sane
reason to get that wrong and set it to 80 when the lcient is connected to 443

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