--- Comment #14 from Reindl Harald <> ---
> It works for nearly everyone else

that's just an opinion - "nearly everyone else" don't look on the details and
mostly don't figure out from where random problems are coming or configures for
600 domains 1200 vhsost like a trained monkey

that scaled in times when you had a few https hosts becasue you needed time and
money for the certs but not now when Google announced that Chrome will start to
warn on every non-https page

anyways, i stell need to see any client that is using STARTTLS you are talking
the whole time about for http - when you type "";
there is no STARTTLS at all

at least your definition of STARTTLS is not compatible with the rest of the
world and protocols like IMAP/POP3/SMTP where STARTTLS is always teh default
service port and TLS/SSL is a different port - no browser is using anything
like that on Port 443 and we are not talking about anything similar when the
server listens on 443 and you type https:// in your client - port 80 is not
part of the game at all

> Even getting the port right is surprisingly not as simple as you'd think

why? i can't imagine anything simpler for a server than to determine the port
the client connected to

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