--- Comment #12 from Reindl Harald <> ---
i doubt that "SSLengine optional" is STARTTLS, for sure not when you type
https:// in your browser - anyways, irrelevant, the port is just plain wrong
because with https:// the browser definitly don't connect to port 80 at all

the redirect to http:// because of a missing trailing slash wenn you call a
directory with a DirectoryIndex-file is wrong when "HTTPS on" is known

and this all is a real problem because it introuces all sorts of hidden
troubles and currently the only solution would be configure the whole
<VirtualHost> twice which don't scale for larger setups

i don't know the internals but they should not be that complex to begin with
that in this context any problems can be triggered when a client just calls
""; because the fact that it was https is obviously
known, the port itself is known on the network layer and REQUEST_SCHEME is
pretty simple known by the fact of "HTTPS on" is correct

what happens when you have <VirtualHost *:80 *:81 *:82> without https part of
the game? does then also 80 "win" and why when it's pretty simple to konw the
port by the fact that there is a socket connection and config-guessing is
pretty useless because of that

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