> Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2016 19:03:35 +0200
> From: Paul Irofti <p...@irofti.net>
> > see what responses you get. It would be nice to have WiFi on/off
> > working from a key if that is possible.
> The wi-fi on-off button on the x250 and x260 disables ugen1 device
> 0x0a2a and 0x0a2b respectively. Of course that is not enough. I will try
> to look into it soon.
> ugen1 detached
> ugen1 at uhub0 port 7 "Intel product 0x0a2a" rev 2.01/0.01 addr 3

Same thing happens on the x1 rev3.

I believe those USB devices are Bluetooth interfaces, so it makes some
sense that pressing the wi-fi button has this effect.

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