> Sorry for the strong words, but the ISC is fucked up, apparently.  But I
> should have guessed that when I first (tried to) read the later versions
> of bind source (with apologies to Bill Norton the original project
> manager for that development).  I just had to be slapped in the face with
> it again, repeatedly, to wake up to this harsh reality. Someone, please,
> tell me there is an another alternative - because with the direction it's
> headed now, the Internet based on bind isn't looking like it's going to
> be a very good, reliable, or secure, network.

what you need can be found at http://www.isc.org/products/BIND/bind9.html.
(anyone who looked at bind4's internals, or bind8's, and puked, needs to
look at bind9, which is completely different.)

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