On Fri, 02 Feb 2001, Jim Reid wrote:
> >>>>> "Dragos" == Dragos Ruiu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>     Dragos> Not only is it NOT solid according to past record....
> So I suppose the 10-12,000 DNS queries that get answered every second
> by a.root-servers.net or the ~5,000/second that f.root-servers.net
> answers are handled by something that isn't solid. Or the overwhelming
> number of DNS lookups on the internet go to something that isn't
> solid. I see. You have a rather strange perception of solid.

I am not referring to its operational ability to handle query load,
but to its track record of being able to maintain security integrity.

>     Dragos> As a response to Mr. Vixie: Yes, bind9.1, the proprietary,
>     Dragos> commercial, closed source software version of named by the
>     Dragos> ISC
> This nonsense is so ridiculous that it must be corrected immediately.
> BIND9.1 is not any of these things. Go to ftp.isc.org and pick up the
> source code (blatant hint #1) and read the copyright (blatant hint #2).
> After you've done that, kindly retract the above remarks publicly.

Yes, I will admit to sarcasm here, in case it wasn't evident or you did not
pick up on it (considering I talked about browsing the code in the part of the
sentence you edited out).  But I do believe you understand the point I was
trying to make even though you are being a semantic stickler.... I guess I
must have hit some nerve if you have to resort to the petty tactic of quibbling
on semantics about statements out of context.

You have the luxury of being able to ignore or dismiss as irrelevant any
proclamations I may make about bind, but the majority of the internet users,
locked into using bind do not have the luxury of being able to ignore the
edicts of the ISC when it comes to releasing security information about it
(especially with all the developers and knowledgeable parties muzzled by
potentially restrictive NDAs)  or distributing security patches for the code
in a timely fashion.


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