In the immortal words of Dragos Ruiu ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
> Djb-dns is mostly good stuff (other than some magic numbers and sparsely
> commented code), however the license that prevents the distribution of patches,
> modifications, or derivatives by anyone except DJB is a problem with its
> inclusion in a distribution.

Two small corrections here, one semantic and one actually important:

First, semantics: you can't complain about djbdns' license, as it has
none.  It is copyrighted and made available for distribution under the
terms of US Copyright Law.  There is no "license".  Period.  See, and for clarification.

Much more importantly, however, the statement that patches and
modifications to djbdns cannot be distributed is patently false.
I've seen this statement repeated a few times in several different
venues now, and I have to wonder if someone is deliberately spreading
FUD on this point.  Anyways, Bernstein explicitly acknowledges that
patches against any software, including his, may be distributed freely
(see the bottom of for confirmation),
and indeed there are several patches against djbdns available at

It _is_ true that at present nobody is allowed to distribute modified
versions of the guy's software, but as we are discussing internal use
of DNS servers and not reselling of DNS server software, that's not
exactly germane.

Now if only someone would patch djbdns to act on NOTIFY packets.


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