>>>>> "Dragos" == Dragos Ruiu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Dragos> Not only is it NOT solid according to past record....

So I suppose the 10-12,000 DNS queries that get answered every second
by a.root-servers.net or the ~5,000/second that f.root-servers.net
answers are handled by something that isn't solid. Or the overwhelming
number of DNS lookups on the internet go to something that isn't
solid. I see. You have a rather strange perception of solid.

    Dragos> As a response to Mr. Vixie: Yes, bind9.1, the proprietary,
    Dragos> commercial, closed source software version of named by the
    Dragos> ISC

This nonsense is so ridiculous that it must be corrected immediately.
BIND9.1 is not any of these things. Go to ftp.isc.org and pick up the
source code (blatant hint #1) and read the copyright (blatant hint #2).
After you've done that, kindly retract the above remarks publicly.

BIND is and always will be open-source and freely available. The ISC
could not be legally constituted as a not-for-profit institution if
that wasn't the case.

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