DEFCON 5 is normal, also known as “Snowman” in the Air Force.


DEFCON 2 is the one you want to be on the lookout for.  That level was directed 
during the Cuban Missile Crisis, when it was apparent the President Kennedy was 
ready to ask Congress to make a declaration of war against the Soviet Union.  I 
was stationed at George AFB in Victorville, CA, at that time.  Upon arriving at 
the flight line for work duty, I was issued an M1 carbine with two mags of 10 
rounds each.  I was instructed to carry this rifle 24 hours each day.  I was  
working as air weapons Mechanic on the armament system of the F106 interceptor. 
 It was made to carry the MB1 Genie, a rocket carrying a hydrogen bomb to blast 
airplanes out of the sky.  It had a 10 mile destruction radius, so the pilot 
had to fire the rocket and immediately do a U-turn to escape being damaged.  
These MB1’s were brought out to the flight line for immediate loading, which 
could be done only under DEFCON 1 (declaration of war).  Yes, that was a scary 


I think DEFCON 3 is a “saber rattling” event, and will pass with political 


73, Keith NM5G


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Ham radio survived the carnage of Y2k, I am sure it will survive this.

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Ok, I'm where in this e-mail or in the DR's report is there any 
mention of Ham Radio.

I thought that is what this reflector is all about.   BVARC and Amateur Radio.  


I was, however, thankfully, alerted that the CIA has been outsourcing its' 
e-mail IT server support to the same cats that did HRC's.  I appreciate the 
DR's 'ears up' reporting for that tidbit.


If the CIA is truly mounting a counter cyber insurgence, I am glad they are 
informing the Amateur Radio community before hand.   Their secret is safe with 
us....wink wink.


Signed.... "a concerned Ham"


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There are links on Drudge’s site. The reports indicate that we’re on DEFCON 3. 
For those of you not familiar with this term, it means Defense Condition 3. 
This means that our strategic forces are prepared to launch aircraft in 15 
minutes. We’ve been at DEFCON 5 (lowest level) for most of my lifetime. Our 
highest alert was DEFCON 2 during the Cuban Missile Crisis.


Meanwhile, the word is that the CIA is going/is mounting a cyber attack on 
Russia in retaliation for Wikileaks.


We keep blaming the Russians.


I don’t have faith in our current leadership to stop this before it goes out of 


Pray for peace and warn everyone you know.


Bill Crowell, N4HPG

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it’s just the only way.” - Dylan Hunt


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