That's the same antenna I used when mobile, as well from my apartment after I had to give up driving (Placed it on a pizza pan on bar counter top.), bought it same day as licensed, still have it, now in storage in nephew's garage..

I'm now using an ICOM W-32A with a 5/8's 2 meter accessory antenna to get my 5 watts the 35miles to the repeater site, on Mondays I participate,

All my equipment still works, but have a sister who is WORSE than an HOA when it comes to erecting antennas..


Howard Bingham



On 8/10/2017 11:53 PM, Paul Noll via BVARC wrote:
I need suggestions !!! I need a 2 meter home base vertical antenna. Not to long 
because of
the dreaded HOA ! Was looking at the Hustler G6-270? I know it's a dual bander 
but it is supposed to get 6db gain on both bands, is 5/8 wave and is only 7.5 
ft long. A little longer is ok. Would like to keep it a one piece if possible 
but not a necessity.

Please, any suggestions will be considered !!

Paul Noll
Love your pets, they want and deserve it !!!

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