On 2/17/15, 3:01 PM, "Boris Kolpackov" <bo...@codesynthesis.com> wrote:
>See it from my POV: I have a ton of users that are pretty happy with
>3.1.1. Now comes Scott and wants to cut a half-tested release just
>to satisfy his immediate needs. Once you do this I will start getting
>emails from my users saying why doesn't my stuff (which depends on
>Xerces-C++) works in this or that situation. I don't want that.

I don't either, but to be blunt, the branch shouldn't be in the state it's 
in if you think it needs that much testing, because if a security issue 
pops up, you don't have the luxury of taking a lot of time.

I completely understand your point about using the trunk, and I agree with 
it. It's not worth the risk. But any fixes to the branch should be very 
carefully looked at, in which case testing can be fairly pro-forma.

I did review some of, but not all, the branch changes

>Nobody is talking about months. Here is what I suggest you do:
>1. Prepare the release (with all the updates to docs, new projects,
>   etc).

I am not going to add in project files for a compiler I can't test. That 
flies in the face of the exact point you made above. If you think the 
files on trunk work, we can add them. As far as docs go, I obviously need 

>3. I will test it to the best of my abilities (even though I have
>   absolutely zero time for it right now) and report any problems
>   (I will also review the changes for any ABI breakage).

Do you think I do have time?

>BTW, I am surprised you had to back-port so many bug fixes to the
>3.1 branch. Normally anything that is backwards-compatible gets
>committed to both head and 3.1. Are you sure you are using 3.1
>and not, say, 3.1.1?

After about 2011-2012 or so, the branch simply died. Every fix was applied 
to trunk only, even when it was minor.

The most risky changes are to the transcoder code which saw a large set of 
fixes, mostly not ABI-impacting, that only hit trunk.

-- Scott

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