Hi Scott,

Cantor, Scott <canto...@osu.edu> writes:

> I definitely don't have the cycles for a beta and it wouldn't fit my 
> timeline anway.

Then you shouldn't be making the release.

> I'm on VC10 for my builds, and I believe those are already there.

What about other users of Xerces-C++? When we publish a new release,
it is presumed that it will work on all commonly-used platforms and
compilers, not only what Scott Cantor needs.

> What's the bare minimum we can do once I have a tarball tested?

Bare minimum is to make sure 3.1.2 is as good quality as 3.1.1. I
don't think you are approaching it with the right attitude. If all
you need is a bug-fix that only has to work for your specific case,
then just provide a patch (or a patched version of Xerces-C++) to
your users.


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