On 2/17/15, 9:10 AM, "Boris Kolpackov" <bo...@codesynthesis.com> wrote:
>> I've reviewed all the resolved issues against the trunk, and backported 
>> 15-20 or so to the branch.
>> Once I have access I'll commit.
>Before you do this have someone review your back-ports to double
>check there are no ABI breakages.

If somebody is "here" to do the commits, then I don't have to do them, I'm 
happy to supply a patch with the Jira numbers.

The only change with even a hint of ABI impact is the string pool thing, 
which is a borderline case, and I can change it if need be. Nothing else I 
reviewed is close.

The only reason I assumed the pool change was acceptable is that the impl/ 
headers are marked "do not use externally" very prominently, and I assumed 
that was to warn people off so that they could change without altering the 
formal ABI in a shared library if they changed in a forward-compatible way.

-- Scott

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