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>Unless you are prepared to do a good amount of testing (I can help
>somewhat but you will have to take the lead, e.g., package a beta,
>announce it, etc, etc), I would strongly suggest that you do the
>bug-fix release (i.e., 3.1.2). Simply back-port the fix that is
>only on trunk (and maybe check if there are more fixes that haven't
>been applied to the 3.1).

The fix on trunk changes the ABI by adding a length field to the string 
pool entries. I probably can come up with one that doesn't by just doing 
the length checking, at the cost of some efficiency.

I definitely don't have the cycles for a beta and it wouldn't fit my 
timeline anway.

> Stillm packaging a beta is probably a
>good idea. As is adding new VC++ project/solution files (i have
>them in XSD but they use different DLL naming).

I'm on VC10 for my builds, and I believe those are already there.

>Also, I must warn you, Xerces-C++ release process is probably
>the most brain-dead thing you will ever experience. There is
>the admin/ repository with some outdated release information.
>I will also try to answer questions if you have any (I've done
>the last couple of releases).

You'd have to give me some direction on this. With Santuario, it's a very 
limited process because projects with essentially no resources don't get 
big, elaborate processes in my world.

What's the bare minimum we can do once I have a tarball tested?

-- Scott

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