Dear all,

Last July, I posted a message on this list regarding adding CMake support, and created this ticket:

The patch is ready for integration, having been tested on a multitude of platforms, including FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS X and Windows with multiple configuration and compiler combinations. Following the last comments in the above ticket, I'm writing here to propose and ask for comments on the next steps for integrating it.

There are two choices for merging it:
- to the 3.1 branch
- to the trunk, for releasing as 3.2

Since the proposed changes don't touch any of the existing build systems, merging onto the 3.1 branch would be safe, but since it's a fairly large change it would be understandable to leave this for a new minor release. Is there any particular preference?

A follow-on question would be the continued support for other build systems following the merging of the patch. The use of CMake will allow for the removal of the many version-specific Visual Studio solution and project files, since CMake can support all the same Visual Studio versions, and with a great deal more flexibility for e.g. ICU support and other configure-time options. The same could also be said of the Autoconf support, since CMake can also generate Unix Makefiles. For maintenance reasons, I'd like to propose removing all the Visual Studio files; this was one of the primary reasons for developing the CMake support in the first place. This would make sense to do on the trunk/3.2 branch, since we wouldn't want to remove existing functionality on the 3.1 branch.

Removing the Autoconf support would also be a possibility if there was consensus to do so. The CMake support certainly implements all the Autoconf features--it reproduces every single feature test and option exactly. But the maintenance cost is vastly less than the Visual Studio support, so retaining both Autoconf and CMake support is certainly possible.

Integration test results for a range of platforms is also here: (all the XERCESC- jobs).

Additionally, if anyone wanted to review and test the patch, it's attached to the above ticket and also available here:

Kind regards,
Roger Leigh

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