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> Agreed that just moving up to C++98 standard types in and of itself 
> would be greatly beneficial.  There should be no portability barrier to 
> achieving that.

No, definitely not. I've been using the STL and Boost for years now on many 

> Regarding portability, I also have the "pleasure" of supporting code on 
> CentOS 6.  I don't know if you've tried it, but we switched to using the 
> SCL "devtoolset-3" (now "devtoolset-4") packages which backport a modern 
> GCC and the rest of the toolchain to CentOS6 (and 7).

Do the packages built from that work on an unmodified CentOS 6 system? Meaning 
does it pull in any dependencies for that from the standard repos?

The change that's really relevant for me is that Red Hat 5 dropped out of 
standard support in March, so that was a major switch.

Unfortunately I also have many older SUSE versions to support also.

-- Scott

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