> Since we are sharing plans, we (as in Code Synthesis) are planning
> to package Xerces-C++ for build2[1] in the near future (but no
> definite time-frame). While I haven't looked into this closely
> yet, the options we consider range between just packaging it as
> is to pretty much forking it. The main reasons for forking would
> be: (1) to switch to git (life is just too short for svn), (2)
> to get rid of the Apache bureaucracy, and (3) rip all the legacy
> parts out and clean things up (maybe even switching to C++11/14).

(1) doesn't matter to me, but +1000 to (2) and I have very little compunction 
about (3), aside from the obvious fact that once you start pulling that thread, 
you're on slippery ground.

I wasn't prepared to really go so far as to start tossing things out or 
proposing really invasive changes but it sounds like cleaning up and releasing 
the trunk would serve both short term and longer term ends here.

-- Scott

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