On 4/25/17, 8:30 PM, "Cantor, Scott" <canto...@osu.edu> wrote:

> So far there is very little divergence, just a few small API additions that 
> are unique to the trunk. So I don't foresee anything
> terribly risky about releasing this after some additional fixes, some 
> testing, and incorporating your patch.

Other than some things I have to port up from the branch and other bug reports 
that have come in, the two big commits on trunk are:

r1517488 (XERCESC-2016)
r1528170 (XERCESC-2019)

The former is a patch that's pretty invasive to add XML 1.0 5th edition 
support, which I surmise actually removes a lot of the special handling of XML 
1.1 All of that is outside my expertise, so I don't have any insight into how 
risky that change is or how well it was tested. For myself I don't need it at 
all and would as soon undo it if it can't be verified as safe, but I'm not 
suggesting that exactly, just noting it's significant.

The latter is smaller and is a change to memory handling of text buffers in the 
DOM. I haven't fully grokked that yet but I doubt it's a big deal, just worth a 

Everything else on trunk now that's not on the branch is much simpler and I 
don't see as risky.

-- Scott

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