On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 1:48 PM, Edward Z. Yang <ezy...@mit.edu> wrote:

> > >    - I can put more metadata in the tag name than assignable
> > >      (to help people decide who to page)
> > Ah, page as in ping. That meaning I always find weird (and don’t
> remember).
> >
> > > summon (someone) over a public address system, so as to pass on a
> message
> >
> > IMHO multiple assignment would work better as it actually sends
> notification (if one choose to receive such).
> >
> > Yet, you’re right, deciding whom to page/assign is often non-obvious.
> Not sure if few-word description if any helpful. (e.g. whom to contact on
> hackage-security problems, I’m actually unsure whether it’s edsko or
> dcoutts, or on something else...).
> OK, I am convinced we should drop it.
> Let's do this:
>     - To page someone, just write CC @blah in the message
>     - We should add an issue template that requests you
>       CC someone and explains who you might want to CC

If you don't already know about it, this bot:
https://github.com/facebook/mention-bot is worth investigating in addition
to the work you've mentioned.

Love in Jesus Christ, John Alfred Nathanael Chee
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