On 12 July 2016 at 23:58, Edward Z. Yang <ezy...@mit.edu> wrote:
> For the PR, we can put in a checklist:
> [ ] If you made a BC-breaking change, did you add an entry to the
>     changelog?
> [ ] If you added a new user-level feature, did you add an entry
>     to the changelog?  Did you write docs for it?
> [ ] If you added a new, public API function, did you add a
>     @since annotation to it?
> [ ] Did you Haddock all of your new functions?
> [ ] Did you add a test? (If not why was it hard to write the test?
>     Maybe open a bug for it.)
> Any did I forget?

LGTM. One other thing is that the "documentation" label should perhaps
be merged with "component:user-guide".
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