Hi Dugan, 

I wrote this for a small (beginner heavy) contra dance that I call frequently.  
When we ended with a waltz, many didn’t know how. I tried to teach them a 
simple “movie waltz” for couples, but it didn’t seem satisfying.  I wanted 
something simple that they could move to the waltz time and enjoy dancing 
without knowing how to couple dance.  It has been tested a few times and folks 
say they like it.  Let me know if you call it?  

Google Waltz
by Claire Takemori 
* DI couples in Sicilian circle * 

A1 -----------
(6) Hole in wall R-sh w/ N  to swap places *
(6) Hole in wall R-sh w/ N

A2 -----------
(12) LH Star 1x
B1 -----------
(6) bal ring in, move 1 place left on way out **
(6) bal ring in, move 1 place left on way out
B2 -----------
(6) Ca Twirl w/ P 
(6) P 1-hand Fwd/back w/ new N’s 

*Hole in the wall is crossing to swap places, but connecting gaze in the middle 
as your pass Right shoulders & back up. 
**This is from an ECD, I’m not sure if the move has a name. It ends up equating 
to CL1/2 

Claire Takemori (Campbell CA) 
Dance Caller
South Bay Contra Organizer 
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Do you have a favorite contra dance written to fit a waltz tune?  I danced
one once many years ago and haven't thought much about it since, though it
was pretty special.

Thank you in advance for sharing some choreography!

Dugan Murphy
Portland, Maine
dugan at duganmurphy.com
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