Here's one I'm fond of. One could argue whether this is a Contra, ECD, or...

Linda’s Gifts (of Time) – Longways Duple Proper in Waltz Time – Don Veino

*Type:* Longways Contra or English Dance, Duple Proper
*Status:* Public, Proven

In grateful recognition of Linda Leslie’s investments of time in the folk
dance community and in particular her consultation and mentoring given me
as I hone my dance calling and composition.

(6,6) First Corners Set to each other (small steps to the Right-2-3,
Left-2-3), Hole in the Wall (forward 3 beats/steps, pass rights and pivot 1
step, fall back 2 steps into each other’s places)
(12) Second Corners, same thing

(12) Partner Two-Hand Turn 1x
(12) Circle Left 1x

(12) Ones Half Figure 8 up and around Twos to finish below
(12) Twos do similar below, to finish above

(12) Partner Back to Back/Dosido
(6) Ring Balance with current Neighbors
(6) Cloverleaf Turn Single over outside shoulder to face new Neighbors

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