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RE: The Wheel

Bill Olson noted that the dance can be challenging with the ladies in the
outside circle, due to their generally shorter arms.

Given that the promenade is a long 16 beats, Has anyone tried adding a two
hand turn after 12 beats to put the gents on the outside? I wonder if this
is one of the things that Rick Mohr tried while attempting to reduce socket
injuries. ??

Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2018 21:06:54 +0000
From: Bill Olson <callb...@hotmail.com>

Yeah, That's what I was more thinking of than moderately difficult dances
like Beneficial Tradition.. I like Gene Hubert's circle mixer "the wheel" :

The Wheel, circle mixer by Gene Hubert

A1 Promenade (CCW)(16)
A2 (face partner Gents facing out, Women facing in) join 2 hands with
partner and walk ~8 steps IN (8), join hands in concentric circles and walk
~8 steps back out (8)
B1 all circle LEFT (opposite directions obviously)
B2 *SWING* (nearest person)
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