Here are a few dances I’ve found can enhance a silly atmosphere!

Carmen’s Contra, which I think is by Lisa Greenleaf
NOTE:  Men empty right pockets before dance!!


Circle left ¾, pass through – (8) (progression)

Do-si-do next neighbor – (8)

With same neighbor: clap, clap, bump, bump (clap two hands, bump right hips) – 

With that neighbor swing – (12)


Long lines forward and back – (8)

Women allemande right, 1 1/2 – (8)

Partners balance and swing – (12) 

Aw Shucks! by Carol Copp
NOTE: To teach the clapping, have everyone say together “Right, left, both, 
turn! Right, left both, swing!”

Ones sashay down center – (8) 

Ones sashay back up stopping between the twos – (8) 

Ones face each other, clap one beat each: right, left, both and turn to face 
neighbors – (4)

Neighbors facing each other clap: right, left  – (3)

Neighbors swing – (9)  End facing down the set in line of four


Down the hall in lines of four holding hands twos in the middle – (8)

Turn as a couple (gents back up while ladies go forward), and come back up, 
ones in center – (8)

Ones drop hands in middle of line, fall back into long lines (progressed) 
Ladies chain across – (8) 

Ladies chain back – (8)  Ones are ready to sashay again, stopping between the 
NEXT twos.

Casino Polka by Tony Parkes

NOTE: It’s fun if neighbors take a dramatic cheek-to-cheek ballroom position


Neighbors, heel, toe, sashay (start with gent’s left foot, lady’s right foot) 
(4) back in (4)

“Heel and toe and step together, step”

Repeat (8)

Do-si-do neighbor (8)

Swing neighbor (8) (End facing across) 


Gents allemande left, 1 ½ times around (8)

Partner swing on the side of the set (8) 

Circle left 1 ¼ times (8) (end facing down or up)

Pass right shoulders through to next couple (8) (progression)


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