"The Wheel" has been a favorite of mine since 1994. Around here some call
it "Wheel of Misfortune" -- hilarious! (i.e. who will the fates deliver
unto you for a swing?)

I could never find it in my Gene Hubert books -- apparently because it was
published in his first collection "Dizzy Dances" (
https://www.ibiblio.org/contradance/index/DD1.txt) which I don't have. I
never thought that was a problem, since "Dizzy Dances II" is subtitled
"Featuring the best of Volume 1 plus...". But now I wonder how many other
great dances that Gene didn't consider "the best" are hiding in that book!

I've also long struggled with the "women's arms pulled out of their
sockets" problem, and tried a couple fixes that failed spectacularly. Mac,
your solution looks brilliant and I'm excited to try it!

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