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I'm sure there is already a thread on this somewhere, but I'm wondering what 
are your favorite dances for those in the 4-10 year old range. Specifically, 
dances that are not mixers since many younger dancers prefer to stay with a 
particular partner the whole time. I have a number of good ones already 
(Alabama Gal, Haste to the Wedding, La Bastringue, etc), but I'd like to expand 
my existing collection of dances geared towards "little ones".

Let 'em rip!

I don't know how this would with exclusively 4 year olds (really, all I know 
how to do with exclusively 4-year-olds is a variation on 
wind-up-the-ball-of-twine where you bring the snake around into a cricle, do 
into the center and back, circle left and right, and then break the snake off 
again, repeat until you feel like you're done), but I'd think 8 year olds could 
handle this fine, and it's just fine if you have talls and smalls mixed up.


(I have it from community dances manual, which says it's from the village of 

4 or 5 couple longways (you can maybe do 6 but you'll end up less phrased)

Lines facing, do step-swing balance r-l, r-l.

Drop hands, cross right shoulder with partner and face back in.

Repeat all that to home.

Top couple raise an arch and walk slowly down the middle WHILE

second couple, with the the rest of their line following, cast off briskly down 
the outside and go under the arch to the top.

Original tops finish at bottom, original seconds at top.

Whenever you get to thtat spot, swing partner until the end of B2.

(This was collected with a very specific tune that changes meter for the lead 
down.  When I have  a band I tell them "bouncy reels, jigs, or polka" but when 
I have to do this with recorded music I like "Sandy Boys" (or, specifically, a 
"Sandy Boys"/"Kitchen Girl" medley by Pig's Eye Landing.)

-- Alan
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