I just happened to be pulling dances for an upcoming gig. One of the dances
I selected is Lisa's Contra (Tom Hinds) that has an out and back in A2 that
may work for your purposes.

Looking forward to seeing other suggestions.

Lisa’s Contra
by Tom Hinds

A1 -----------
(16)  Neighbor B & S
A2 -----------
(4,4)  Pass thru to a wave,     Wave balance
(2,4,2)  Walk forward to person in next wave (don't take hands),  Gypsy R
1/2,  Walk back to re-form original wave, but facing opposite direction (N
in RH, Gents LH)
B1 -----------
(4,4)  Wave balance,     Gents alle L 1/2
(8)  Partner swing
B2 -----------
(6,2)  Circle L 3/4,     Pass thru up and down
(8)  Next Neighbor do si do

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