Warning: rabbit hole ahead.

Colin: I read your text for your workshop. All useful stuff and you do say
more than "treat your partner as a neighbour".

Re Michael Fuerst's quote, I agree that end-effects are what they are and
they are not (necessarily?) the point of the dance, but they sometimes must
be dealt with head-on. Example: I have tried to make any sense of the end
effects in the dance The Hobbit
http://www.quiteapair.us/calling/acdol/dance/acd_283.html . I think it's a
great dance - if you can avoid the ends - but I'll be [darned] if I can
make it around the end successfully. I've tried calling it, walking thru at
a callers workshop with several experienced dancers and none of us could
make sense of the end-effects. We were missing some magical key to
understanding (perhaps guarded by Smaug). "Go where you are needed" wasn't
going to work. Nor were the other rules. Sometimes, it seems, the
end-effects must be taught just as the dance. No easy feat.

Colin Hume via Callers
 Thu, 05 Apr 2018 02:42:50 -0700

I'm not sure that dancing with ghosts is the best way to deal with end-effects
- I prefer "treat your partner as a neighbour".

I have a whole section of notes on End-effects at

Colin Hume
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