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  In https://phabricator.kde.org/T3755#55412, @staniek wrote:
  > Are we sure?
  > For example KDevelop has kdevplatform 
https://api.kde.org/extragear-api/kdevelop-apidocs/index.html, just released 
yesterday, but Calligra does not:
  > https://api.kde.org/bundled-apps-api/calligra-apidocs/
  This is because the pages generated below kdevelop-apidocs include both repos 
kdevelop and kdevplatform. The script there is not run on each repo separately, 
but run at the checkout of both.
  But only kdevplatform has a Mainpage.dox file. So by that old kdelibs script 
system of just generating documentation for things in the folders below the 
deepest Mainpage.dox files this results in what can be seen.
  The script also used to do the same before with the repos krita, kexi & 
calligra, generating all documentation for all of them in one go below 
  Which of course resulted in a mess, due to the forked classes and also was 
wrong with krita no longer being a Calligra project.
  So @winterz on my request changed the setup to generate the documentation for 
all three repos separately. Due to kexi having KUndo duplicated and also having 
a different code layout, I decided against still generating kexi & calligra 
docs together.
  The only thing still missing for that setup is being listed on 
  But indeed this is just for now, as intermediate solution. Someone  needs to 
look into a future-proof setup for the separate contributor-oriented complete 
source-code covering generation of API dox. Not me, too much to do already, 
only available for giving over-smart comments ;)
  @staniek I would recommend to move src/Mainpage.dox to the toplevel dir (and 
adopting the EXCLUDE entry). Because right now this results in the additional 
subsection "Kexi" on https://api.kde.org/bundled-apps-api/kexi-apidocs/ without 
any use.



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