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> Are the Kexi plugins libs not part of a public Kexi API?
> ​
> ​Public within Kexi, yes. Public so that independent vendors distribute
own extensions? Not quite, that's not maintained.

To save the overhead we're distributing all plugins that depend on Kexi
with Kexi releases[1]. Except for complex cases such as form maps widget or
web browser widget, that are truly optional and have larger dependencies,
plugins are not even in separate packages because it's hard to think of
Kexi without forms, queries or tables installed. In theory it makes sense
but we don't get any benefit from it. It's like having browser not
supporting sound. It's possible but not practical.

​> ​Also, the Kexi specific parts of the report plugin scripting side
should be documented as user api

Yes, hopefully as much as possible was moved to KReport (or maybe more can
be moved?).
The above does not mean we're not encouraging development of plugins.
Plugins would be even possible to write in the future scripting language
that we plan to support (Javascript).

I am just wondering why docs for Kexi plugin developers's docs shall not be
just a step or two away from the Kexi developer's (contributors) docs, not
more. Obviously in a separate Doxygen group, but not within in separate web
site (api.kde.org vs kexi-project.org).

[1] A note for others, Since version 3, database plugins moved to the KDb
project, KProperty plugins are compiled in but sit in the KProperty
project, and report element plugins moved to the report KReport; all these
plugins are not dependent on Kexi anymore and are distributed separately,
even if we happen to have combined releases like the current Beta.

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