I am running apache with passenger too and I couldn't find a way to have a 
reloader feature as of now..this said you might want to use apache proxy to run 
directly camping (e.g. when you test code) using the default webserver (e.g. 
thin). I am using that to avoid the continuous reload even on a live website  
(http://1.ai) and it works very well.

Oddly sometimes things do not work between thin and apache + passenger (it is 
rare but...) so I think you could use thin + apache proxy when you test your 
code live and apache + passenger for the code that you do not need to re-load 
several times ?

Others might have better ideas for config.ru so just take my workaround as such 
Best Regards

On Jan 2, 2013, at 7:02 PM, Koaps Freeman <koapsfree...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> I just started playing with camping and so far it's pretty awesomo.
> After much messing around I was finally able to get Apache Passenger, Camping 
> and ActiveRecord to PostgreSQL working.
> One thing I was wondering about, can I use reloader with Apache Passenger?
> Always having to touch/rm a tmp/restart.txt to see changes or reloading 
> apache altogether is kinda a pain and I was hoping I can use reloader to just 
> detect changes to make recovering from errors faster as I type code.
> I saw some previous post about using reloader:
> http://rubyforge.org/pipermail/camping-list/2010-August/001378.html
> Which used on_reload which doesn't seem to exist anymore.
> I'm still learning rack/rails stuff so not really sure how to setup my 
> config.ru to use reloader.
> In the reference it says:
>  require 'camping/reloader'
>   reloader = Camping::Reloader.new('/path/to/yourapp.rb')
>   blog = reloader.apps[:Blog]
> The blog object will behave exactly like your
> Blog and Wiki, but they will update themselves if yourapp.rb changes.
> I'm not sure how I get passenger to then run the blog from the config.ru
> Thanks
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